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Welcome To Ashokrao Mane Polytechnic, Ambap
Applied Science & Humanities - Introduction

Where Every Step Is Towards Perfection
The Department of Applied Science & Humanities consists of four subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Maths & English. These subjects are prescribed in the curriculum of Diploma Engineering only for 1st  & 2nd semester except Maths subject which is Prescribed for 3rd  semester also. The basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry ,Maths  are the core of all the curriculum of Diploma Engineering that the student is going to learn during this course . So these subjects should be considered as the base of the course. During his career as an engineer it becomes very important to him as to how to speak fluently in English, how to express his ideas, how to present himself & how to communicate effectively with his seniors,  his juniors as well as his colleagues. So  the subjects like English & Communication skills are prescribed for his 1st  & 2nd semester respectively. If the student gets well acquired with all these subjects in the first year itself, he can complete his Diploma course successfully without any hindrance. In our department ,the following staff members work whole – heartedly ,united together. During the first year ,we don’t  show you the path ,we take the journey with you     
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